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Career Planning Tools Build Client Loyalty
Career planning is often overlooked during the college planning process because students and parents have prioritized other criteria for college selection such as prestige, sports, image, influence of peers, teachers, Alma Mater etc.
A major factor behind college dropout and transfer rates is a lack of career planning and a failure to make college decisions based on career goals that are compatible with one’s talents and career relevant personal attributes.
Research by the US Dept. of Education and American College Testing show that each year, approximately 50% of college freshman leave the college in which they first enrolled. Of those "dropouts", about 30% transfer to other colleges at least once, and 20% transfer twice and typically take six or more years to graduate. This can raise college costs drastically and seriously impact the family's bigger financial plan!
By providing your clients with a career planning service, such as the online, self-administered career and education planning system “MCP, the student will make more realistic and informed choices about majors and colleges -leading to a more satisfying college experience, and a huge savings potential for parents.
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