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Information for Counselors
What MCP Does:
MCP is an online interactive career exploration and planning system for use by students. Some of the most important components are outlined below:
 Career Exploration: The MCP system is based on the premise that all individuals are multidimensional, each with their own unique package of occupational interests, values, skills, educational aspirations, and personality. Our battery of assessments taps each of these resources to help the individual gain a better understanding of themselves, and relates each of them to a unique set of occupations. Students can also research occupations on their own by browsing any of the 1100 careers in the program. As an added bonus, students can search for careers by combining the results of multiple (2 or more) assessments. At any point, the student can save a career for future reference.
 College and School Search: Basic Search is provided using name of school. Students can also browse an alphabetic list. Advanced search features include location (state, region, and degree of urbanization), type of school (certificate/community college/4-year institution, public/private, and religious affiliation), costs, enrollments, majors, athletics, and extracurricular activities. Detailed information is provided about all schools. Students have the capability of saving schools for future reference.
 Student's Saved Schools and Occupations: Students can review, edit, and insert their own comments into their pool of saved information. Careers can be ranked based on their overall appeal, and schools can be organized into the categories of "reach", "match", and "safety".
 Portfolio (Student Reports): The student builds a personalized portfolio which summarizes their assessments, their saved schools and occupations.
Product Evaluation :
Counselors, Administrators, and Teachers are encouraged to personally evaluate MCP for 1 week. Call 201.818.0833, e-mail david@careerdimension.com or use our online form to request a personal account to review our product.
MCP allows you to select the features you need to make it better fit your specific requirements.
Sample Portal Page:
Students access MCP from your school website using a portal system. To view a sample, click here.
Cost and Site Licensing
Please call us 201-818-0833 or email sales@careerdimension.com for an immediate price quote.
Complementary phone training on the features of the student and administrative websites is provided as part of the standard annual lease agreement.
E-mail and phone technical support is provided free of charge. Support professionals are available Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm (Eastern Standard Time).
Administrative Reports:
Reports are accessed through a separate website. Aggregate usage and client diagnostic reports are available. Database utilities for managing users are also provided. To login to your administrative account, click here.
About Our Data:
The core occupational data in MCP is derived from FOCUS, The US Department of Labor (O*NET 7.0), and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Our database currently contains information on 1100 careers. Educational Data is derived from the US Department of Education (IPEDS 2005), the FOCUS college customer database, and data collected directly from post-secondary institutions. The total number of institutions represented is 6800.
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